How To Dispose Of Medical Supplies

Getting rid of medical supplies that we are no longer going to use can be something of a problem. For most of us, the expense of having to buy the stuff in the first place makes just throwing it out quite a distasteful option but we do not want them taking up space in the home either. What are the alternatives to these two options? That, of course, depends on the nature of the supplies themselves, in the case of medication, for example, it can be irresponsible and dangerous to give it to someone else. Medical equipment is easier to dispose of, there are more than enough people willing to take these items over and there is little risk in passing them on to someone else. Read on for how you an use your unwanted cheap medical supplies to help those who could use them and keep out of trouble.

Let us deal with medical equipment first. The idea is to find someone that is able to use it. Get some ideas of charitable organizations from friends and relatives or visit your local drugstore or doctor’s rooms for advice. Alternatively, contact the person who sold you the appliance or the manufacturer and find out if they have any charitable options in place. For example, there are organizations who provide spectacles for people – donating your old frames really helps lower the costs for these organizations and helps to clear clutter in your cupboard.

It is really medicine that poses the problem. Your best bet is taking it back to the drugstore that dispensed it in the first place. There are some circumstances that allow these drugs to be redistributed to those in need and, if this is not possible, the pharmacist will be able to get rid of them in a safe way. A lot of people flush tablets or simply throw them in the trash – this can be pretty dangerous, especially when it comes to the environment – not only are you risking poisoning the water, you are contributing to pollution.

You could ask at a local free clinic if they are able to make use of your left over pills. It never hurts to ask.

The upside for you is that end up doing a good thing and get that warm fuzzy feeling, as well as some more closet space. If that is not enough, see if you qualify for a tax break for donating the item. Get the company to issue you a receipt and claim from tax.

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